Quality Manager

Are you currently a Quality Manager using a TS 16949 or a VDA quality system? Are you looking for a challenge to take a plant with solid quality systems and exceptional technology to the next level? If so, this might be the right opportunity for you!

The key factor from our experience is the location. Are you more opportunity oriented or location based? Take a look on the map. For you outdoor and warm weather folks, this might just be perfect. We want to improve both your career and life by doing the right amount of ‘career APQP.’ That is what making a great placement all about:) Let’s all be heroes by doing our homework.

As an experienced Quality Manager, you need to be familiar with typical automotive tools (FMEA, Capability Studies, Control Plans, Gage R & Rs, 8Ds). The plant is currently TS certified and is considered a ‘show plant’ within this very successful automotive supplier’s group. A bachelor’s degree is a must in this case along with solid references of past bosses who can back up your successes. A CQE or CQM never hurts…