Buyouts/Takeovers…Stay or Start Looking?

When ZF stunned the automotive world with their takeover (or buyout, or whatever you wish to call it), my phone starting ringing off the hook with worried TRW folks asking my opinion about what to do. Now, Bain Capital, of Mitt Romney fame, has strolled in to buy TI Automotive. As a joke, when my … Continued

How Early and Involved Should a Spouse be in a Job Move?

There is an old joke when one is married: “You are only as happy as the least-happy member of the household.” There isn’t anything much that’s truer than that, in this world. Career moves, along with a possible geographical dislocation, significantly affects everyone in your family. The impacts can be enormous, both positively and negatively. … Continued

Automotive Quality Hiring Forecast for 2014 and 2015

It doesn’t take much research to see that auto sales predictions for 2014 will top 16 million units, as sales will grow for five years straight (only the second time since World War II). In my opinion, it looks as if we will see a sixth year, since suppliers are starting to expand their plants … Continued

What % of Automotive Quality Engineers Have an Engineering Degree?

A client of mine on the East Coast needed a Supplier Development Engineer. This manufacturer is located in a smaller city, far from the coast. Not many people usually consider a move there, however, it is an excellent company in a nice area offering reasonably priced homes. The search was not easy. After a hundred … Continued

An Embarrassing Interview Mistake

A candidate called me back immediately after a phone interview. “How did it go?” I asked. “It went OK. The conversation started out slow, but it seemed to get better at the end.” He replied. After 22 years, upon hearing, “The conversation started out slow” I know this is not positive feedback. It is also … Continued

Learn the Greatest Tip Regarding Eye Contact for Interview Success

What a heart breaker! An automotive quality engineer contacted me after moving to a new city to be nearer to family. He is degreed with a terrific background in automotive: from APQP to dealing with the customer. I found this out by doing a reference check with his last boss. All his feedback was positive, … Continued

Top Ten Reasons a Recruiter Can’t Work with You

Before I begin my list, it is important that automotive quality professionals understand exactly what we do at Automotive Quality Solutions, and how we pay the bills. Placement fees are paid exclusively by the hiring company; our candidates are never charged for the personal service we provide. Without exception, not one cost conscious automotive supplier … Continued

The Shortage of Engineers in Automotive Quality and What It Means to You: Part 1

If you could see what I see every day in the automotive quality field, you would be shocked. The amount of openings for automotive quality professionals lists in the hundreds. And, I am not just talking quality technicians and lower level folks. I am talking about engineers, supplier quality engineers, quality managers, supplier quality managers…the … Continued

What Happens to Your Resume Once You Send it to a Recruiter?

Not sure? Don’t know? If you are looking for stronger opportunities, the recruiter who you sent your resume to most likely isn’t charging you a penny. It’s a “win-win” situation, right? Not so fast! Aside from the fact that you should not just hand out your personal information without knowing exactly what the recruiter will … Continued

How Much Does an ASQ Certification Matter When Looking for a Job?

I am asked this all the time. First, it is important to look at the role and perception of the ASQ in the automotive industry and what achieving certification really means. We will then explore how much it can help you to land that dream job. Let’s start by looking at the ASQ itself and … Continued

How to Handle the Money Question in an Interview

Of all the issues for an automotive-quality professional to deal with in an interview, this can be the “stickiest” part of all. The ease or difficulty also depends quite heavily on if you are negotiating for yourself or if you have a recruiter doing it for you. In either case, what do you do when … Continued

Top Ten Ways to Select a Recruiter

There is one habit most of us human beings carry with us long after school is over. ..not doing our homework. As we gather experiences and get even more pressed for time, we start to trust or gut feeling about people and situations or even worse, don’t pay any attention to them at all. All … Continued

Headhunter Secret: How to Avoid a Hiring Mistake!

Over the last 20 years, I have found many hiring managers outside of our process make decisions based primarily on logic or ‘gut feeling.’ Many times, the results can be disappointing or outright disastrous because we all know how easy a terrible person is to get rid of compared to the mediocre player that bleeds … Continued

How to Get a Raise in Automotive Quality

“If I only had a dollar for every time I helped someone pull this off.” As a career doctor, I see both sick and healthy patients all the time.  My assessment of almost everyone seeking stronger work opportunities always begins with examining what I refer to as their “career wounds.”  The wounds can range from … Continued