Why Handwritten Thank You Notes Can Significantly Increase Your Chances of Landing an Ideal Opportunity for Automotive Quality Professionals

We all know the importance of sending follow-up thank you notes to hiring managers and interviewing team members.
The follow-up note shows your interest in the position.
It also gives candidates the opportunity to describe what, about the position, they like and why they are interested.
Almost all of these in our current day are sent via email. It is a process that is not really thought about or considered.
Email is simply the way business gets done. If you plan on being another member of the crowd, I encourage you to do what everyone else does and not stand out.
However, if you are working with me, my job is to give you the edge.
I’ll pose a simple question. With all the emails communicated on a daily basis, who do you actually get handwritten mail from?
The only people who send you handwritten mail are your relatives. The arrival of a handwritten note of any kind these days is a truly rare experience.
It also helps to separate you from the crowd. The note has a personal feel to it, and brings the feeling of ‘old school’ values.
A personal, handwritten note triggers our subconscious mind to think about the connection we have to the people in the photo (i.e., notes from our relatives)
and to a time gone by where protocol and courtesy were more regal than today.
When penning this letter, you want to make sure to do a few important things. First, you want to write it in blue ink … not black.
Blue is a warm color, whereas black has no feeling of connection at all. The letter should show appreciation for their time and effort and include
what you liked about the opportunity and why you are interested in the company and opportunity. I even use one other little trick.
I’ve found that many of my hiring managers have a fond memory of former President Reagan and those times in the USA.
Therefore, in my letters, I use a forever Reagan stamp and have received countless comments on this alone.
The bottom line is sending a handwritten note will put you in a completely different category of all the other candidates who easily send an email.
If the interview is close, this simple and effective tool can make or break your chances of getting hired.
All the best for your future from Jon Molesky, here at Automotive Quality Solutions.